Spider Jack

Spider Jack 1.3

Feast on flies in this fun casual game


  • Lots of diverse levels
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Well presented


  • Gets very difficult

Very good

Spider Jack is an addictive game of skill where your mission is to reach the flies that are caught in the webs - and eat them.

With a feel of Cut the Rope about it, Spider Jack is laid out of a series of increasingly difficult, one-screen levels. You touch an anchor point in order to throw a web at it, then you must swing and cut the web at the right time in order to land onto the fly.

Spider Jack starts off very simply, and the first few levels are more like tutorials. However, before too long things get very complicated, as multiple anchor points and electrocution machines are introduced. Each level challenges you to collect up-to three stars, which can be very tricky.

The presentation of Spider Jack is excellent, with fun graphics and an upbeat soundtrack that won't leave your head for hours after you've finished playing.

It can be frustratingly difficult at times, but Spider Jack is nevertheless an addictive and fun game to play.

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Spider Jack


Spider Jack 1.3

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